Simple, yet so meaningful. This is our be-all, end-all; our foundation both professionally and personally. We believe every action should be done with love and for the love of others. It grounds us, humbles us, and gives us the motivation and determination to make your next event special, memorable, and unique to you.

From weddings to birthdays to holidays celebrations and more, SixteenFourteen Events will be by your side every step of the way so that you can celebrate! We’ll put together the perfect team of vendors, share your story through thoughtful design and styling, and work tirelessly to bring your vision to life. We’ll be the first ones to greet you with a warm hello and the and last ones to wish you a sweet farewell. This is not only our profession - it’s our passion.

So let’s connect! We’d love to meet you and chat about your next special event. Coffee, wine, whiskey? It's on us!





Anne "Jojo" Belisario has many contradictions...

She loves festivals, as well as intimate celebrations; general admission crowds, as well as one-on-one conversations.

She loves hip hop, rock, and worship music; A Tribe Called Quest, Andrea Bocelli, and Rage Against The Machine.

She loves calligraphy, painting, power tools, podcasting, and working while everyone is sleeping.

She loves this world and wants to contribute to making it a more accepting, empathetic, and happy one. She hopes that through her work and enthusiasm you’ll feel cared for because she lives by one simple, yet meaningful, phrase: let all that you do be done in love. Although she learned this from the Bible, she is certain its depth and purpose surpasses all spiritual and physical barriers.

Also, coffee and wine is how she tells time.

"Cool. That's nice & all, but where’s your real work experience?"

Over the span of 15 years, Jojo has been so blessed to be involved in projects that have curated a skillset perfect for the hustle and grind of events: acute-organization, quick problem-solving, ambition, selflessness, and more.

From high school to college, she took on various leadership roles in clubs and organizations, produced regional hip hop dance competitions, and participated in a myriad of art and writing projects. However, it was her love for attending shows and music festivals that changed her life...

Steadfast and determined, Jojo pursued and landed an internship with a live events company. Within a few years, she became the marketing/public relations manager and project coordinator for the company's festivals, tours, concerts, conferences, philanthropic projects, and livestreams.

During her journey in the music/entertainment world, she was introduced to another world of weddings, special events, and design. A new passion was uncovered, a new connection made, and a new contradiction added to her ever-growing list.

In 2014, Jojo founded SixteenFourteen Events - a place where she combines all of her past experiences, personal contradictions, and slew of interests, with the mission to give to others the love, care, and guidance God has given to her.

Jojo, in sum, is a determined and hard worker, but it is her heart and zeal that separates her from the pack, pushes her to excellence, and encourages her to always go above and beyond for her clients - not because she has to, but because she simply loves to.





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